Why Choose Prestwood®?

Prestwood® underpins the strategies of some of the most experienced and successful Financial Planners in the profession. It is the acknowledged market leader and the pioneer of lifelong cash flow modelling.

Crucially, it is cash flow modelling software designed by Prestwood Financial Planners, delivered with superb support and unrivalled mentoring*, which can distinguish your client proposition from the rest of the profession.

Prestwood software is most effective when used live in Financial Planning meetings WITH clients – helping you achieve stronger relationships, better client retention and a more successful and profitable business.

Prestwood allows precise targeting and need-analysis, allowing you to tell your clients exactly what they need to avoid running out of money, which is not available in other software.

“…the mother of all cashflow modelling tools” New Model Adviser

  • Give clients answers to the questions that matter most.
  • Justify your fees.
  • Ensure that all your clients are profitable.
  • Increase client loyalty and get more referrals.
  • Increase your confidence and enjoy your work.

*All Prestwood users benefit from our free support team who can be reached by phone 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Prestwood standard agreements include free training credits which can be used to attend training courses and mentoring sessions.