Here are some independent testimonials and reviews of our software and service from our customers and the media. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service possible – we are delighted to have helped so many people to become more successful:


Customer Reviews

Rebecca Taylor FIFP, CFPCM

Past President of Institute of Financial Planning
“Prestwood software has helped my business to grow and flourish, and allows me to deliver the highest quality service to my clients.”
Garry Hale

Past President of the Personal Finance Society (PFS)
“Prestwood software is much more than just professional financial planning software, it is a crucial element to my business in providing clients with proper financial planning”.
Alan Smith

Capital Asset Management

Professional Adviser - IFA of The Year 2013
“Just upgraded to latest version of Prestwood - excellent structure and layout. Still the leading cash flow software available, bar none.”
Ian O’Connor CFP FPFS

Astute Financial Planning
“Very much appreciated is the fantastic service and capability of Prestwood that makes running my business that much easier for me and promotes such a professional financial planning image to my clients."
Ian Dickinson

Lifetime Financial Management
“Prestwood /Truth software has had a dramatic impact on the way we at Lifetime conduct and build client relationships. This cashflow software is the centric part of our service proposition that allows clients to fully understand their financial position both now and in the future and allows us to highlight where we as a business add value to our clients. We view our relationship with Prestwood as a strategic relationship and they have fully delivered in every instance within our expectations. The training, usability and back office support has been first class and we have never in the 6 years of working with Prestwood had any issues or queries unresolved.”
Antony Pearse

Chartered Financial Planner

Mackenzie Taylor Benefits Consultants Ltd
“Truth software is a fantastic financial planning tool which helps our Firm to engage our clients to realise and achieve their financial planning objectives in a manner not previously available. The forecasting and scenario planning capability brings to life in front of clients the valuable benefit of financial planning.
Whilst Truth software is incredibly detailed and accurate, the output is very client friendly and easy to use in financial planning meetings.
When incorporating Truth Software into our client process, we continue to receive a significant investment of the Prestwood Team’s incredible, helpful team to assist us with our understanding and usage of the software to benefit our clients.”



Press Reviews

'Julie Lord takes on cashflow crusade to push Prestwood profits'

New Model Adviser, October 2015
"I just do not understand how anyone can do proper financial planning without having at least a rudimentary cashflow model..."
'Former IFP President Julie Lord joins Prestwood as a director'

Financial Planner, September 2015
"...her energy and dynamism will, I’m sure, deliver an enhanced service to Prestwood users, and indeed, increase our user numbers."
‘Paul Etheridge: What The U.S. Can Teach Us About Financial Planning'

New Model Adviser, October 2014
" I wanted to know if we Brits were ahead of the game or whether it was time we woke up and smelt the coffee."
Professional Adviser -  ‘Don't try to rule the world': Life through the lens of IFA Yvonne Goodwin‘Don't try to rule the world': Life through the lens of IFA Yvonne Goodwin'

Professional Adviser, June 2014 (Laura Miller)
"...the greatest lesson she learned from the man she calls her "mentor", Prestwood founder and creator of the Truth financial planning software, Paul Etheridge."
Professional Adviser - Prestwood to enhance software after cloud move pays off'Prestwood to enhance software after cloud move pays off'

Professional Adviser, June 2014 (Carmen Reichman)
" Prestwood Software is planning to make a number of enhancements to its cloud-based adviser solution."
IFA upgrade: top 10 tech savvy advisers who built their own tools'IFA upgrade: top 10 tech savvy advisers who built their own tools'

New Model Adviser, June 2014 (Jun Merrett)
"After 30 years of development, Prestwood software has become a big name and is often quoted as advisers’ top tool."
'Cash flow modeling software launched by developer Prestwood'

Money Management, May 2014 (John Cudby)
"...users will welcome the flexibility the technology brings."
Prestwood Software: Tenet and Prestwood in cashflow model tie-up'Tenet and Prestwood in cashflow model tie-up'

FT Adviser, April 2014 (Simoney Kyriakou)
"Prestwood has designed a bespoke value-added support package for Tenet users. "
Prestwood Software: "I’d prefer the full advice carrot to the death-date stick."'I’d prefer the full advice carrot to the death-date stick'

FT Adviser, April 2014 (Jeff Prestridge)
"Prestwood had revolutionised the way he went about his work. It had made him more professional."
FT Adviser: Prestwood Puts Cash Flow Modelling In The Cloud‘Prestwood Puts Cashflow Modelling In The Cloud’

FT Adviser, April 2014 (Kevin White)
"Cashflow modelling is an essential tool for this day and age."
Financial Planner: Prestwood unveils cloud-based Financial Planning modelling'Prestwood unveils cloud-based Financial Planning modelling'

Financial Planner, April 2014
"If an adviser is not using cashflow modelling I believe their clients are being short-changed..."
‘Aiming High’

New Model Adviser, Nov 2011 (Mark Incledon, Citimark)
“Prestwood cashflow planning software… was pivotal to making our service even more professional.”
'Cashflow modelling tools: compare and contrast the market leaders'

New Model Adviser, Oct 2011 (Alex Steger)
“the mother of all cashflow modelling tools”
Paul Etheridge Prestwood SoftwareOn The Spot With Paul Etheridge

Financial Planner, Sep 2011
"A growing realisation that ‘Financial Planning’ could not attain true professional status unless it became fee-based, thereby removing the necessity for clients to buy commission-based products to pay their advisers..."
'Tech Review: Prestwood's Cashflow Tools'

IFA Online, Jun 2011 (Mark Loosmore)
“The strength of the Prestwood offering is the pedigree of the solution and the community that users join.”
'Technology Review: Prestwood'

IFA Online, Nov 2009 (Mark Loosmore)
“The 'Wow!' is more than marketing spin, as the software used enables clear analysis of the client's needs and presents the client's financial position over the whole of their life, clearly and effectively”.


Workshop Reviews:

“Absolutely great – one of the most useful days I’ve had for a long time. Great system for demonstrating live all sorts of client scenarios and a must for real financial planners.” Andrew Watts BSc Cert PFS

“If you aspire to be a truly professional Financial Planner you will find attending one of these seminars invaluable.” Simon Pym Williamson CFP, Broadway Financial Planning. Past Honorary President – IFP

“The best presentation I have been to in the past ten years.” Paul Bocking, Fraser Wealth Management

“Thanks for an inspirational day on Thursday. I immediately went out to a client meeting on Friday and doubled my earnings from £5,000 to £10,000 from the meeting.” Martin Turbin CFP

“Best presentation I have seen for some time. Well worth the 8 hour drive!” Dhan Sharma, Sundridge Consulting

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