Coaching & Mentoring

We offer a variety of different coaching and mentoring options:

Mentor Workshops
– Seminars

Mentor Workshops:

These workshops are a great opportunity to network with like-minded planners, to share your ideas and concerns, and to compare and improve practice processes. There are two main sides to the content – the technical side (how to use the software to its maximum potential) and the practical side (how to run an efficient and profitable business). The content of the workshops are driven by the attendees and so reflects key experiences and challenges within the profession. We provide supporting documents relating to the specific content of the agenda – much of this information has been compiled by Paul Etheridge and has been found to be highly valuable to those who run their own practices, as well as paraplanners and administrative staff.

Probably the best study group I have attended.” Ray Best, Rabix Limited

Our mentors are selected based on their experience, success and standing in the profession.

They will share their knowledge and understanding with you and lead discussions on business development, meeting preparation and management, agendas and minutes, use of Prestwood® and post-meeting procedures. There is no better help available, whether you just need a process that works, or you wish to refine your existing processes. Click here to find out more about the mentors

“I find this meeting a really good peer group and sounding board. The format is really good and frequency is good. The focus on the software still allows for lots more general discussion, so overall very good.”
Sean Condon CFPCM AFPS, Chartered Financial Planner, IFP Branch Chairman.

“Absolutely great – one of the most useful days I’ve had for a long time. Great system for demonstrating live all sorts of client scenarios and a must for real financial planners.”
Andrew Watts BSc Cert PFS

“Excellent Session. Mentor always in control – runs meetings well & I always feel involved. Really good day, the use of case studies was a great practical help and very motivational.”
Paul Streat Dip PFS, Foster Denovo Group

“The best presentation I have been to in the past ten years.”
Paul Bocking, Fraser Wealth Management

Mentor Workshop - London24th Nov 20169.30am - 4.30pm1 place availableGraham Ponting Novotel Hotel, Southwark, London, SE1 8NZClick to book


Prestwood Masterclasses are one-day workshops at Beauchamp House, which relate to both Professional and Truth® software and, with the exception of those related to Paraplanning, are run by Paul Etheridge, MBE.

“Excellent. Very useful new material as well as refresher on previous material – always very open and honest with his knowledge and experience.Garry Hale, President of The PFS

Paul was the Founder of the Institute of Financial Planning, was its President for 10 years and a member of its Board for 20 years. He is a Fellow of the IFP, a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. In addition he is the Chairman of The Prestwood Group® of Companies, has been a fee-based Financial Planner for more than 25 years and still looks after dozens of affluent clients. He is the world’s most experienced user of both Prestwood Professional and Truth software, and his knowledge, skills and experience can help you develop a more profitable business based upon outstanding service to your clients.

Masterclasses are available in relation to almost every aspect of professional financial planning.

“If you aspire to be a truly professional Financial Planner you will find attending one of these seminars invaluable.” Simon Pym Williamson CFP, Broadway Financial Planning. Past Honorary President – IFP

The new series of Masterclasses is currently being planned. Please let us know if you would like to express your interest in future events or have a suggestion for the content. For more information please call 01384 872137 or email.


These seminars are aimed at simplifying and streamlining financial planning processes; dispelling myths about complexity and cost; and discussing the merits and benefits of proper interactive cash-flow modeling, especially in relation to client engagement and business value.”

“Any Financial Planner needing to be inspired or motivated should come –I guarantee they will leave with at least one gem that will immediately begin to reap rewards for them.” Paul Etheridge, Chairman of the Prestwood Group & founder President of the Institute of Financial Planning

The seminars are open to all Planners and Para-planners – not just Prestwood-users. To reserve a seat please phone 01384 273736 or contact us through this website.

Seminar For Success - Cambridge23 June 20169.30 - 12.00Places availableJulie LordPitt BuildingClick to book
Seminar For Success - Kent22 Sep 20169.30 - 12.00Places availableJulie LordHilton MaidstoneClick to book

For more information on coaching and mentoring in general, contact us on +44 (0)1384 273736 or by email to find out more