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Truth® Cash Flow Modelling software underpins the business proposition of some of the most experienced and successful financial planners, accountants and wealth managers in the UK.

“We IFAs are quick to moan so I wanted to feedback positively on this.  I think the system has been greatly enhanced through the recent changes. It’s easier to make exclusions from different scenarios, easier to spot where something is wrong and the new tools are very good.  I can appreciate that an enormous amount of work has gone into this by you all and I can see how the changes will really add value within the business.”

John Condon APFS / TEP / Chartered FCSI Chartered Financial Planner, Thornton Chartered Financial Planners

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Truth Software is the most advanced and powerful cashflow modelling software on the market.  Help your clients visualise their financial futures with simple, easily understood charts and graphs, which allow you to cut straight to the point.

We’ve been providing the UK’s leading Cashflow Modelling software since 1984.  As a Truth customer, you can benefit from this experience through our expert support helpline.  Whether you need a quick question answering, or advice on planning solutions, our team are always ready to help.

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Graham Ponting

CFP Chartered MCSI of Clear Water Wealth

A solicitor asked if I could illustrate the level of Pension Share required for a lady going through a divorce. Truth® makes this kind of calculation incredibly easy - I had no problem demonstrating the sum needed.

They then wanted to take into account the lady’s State Pension - I wasn’t sure how to do this so reached for the phone. The Truth support team are extremely knowledgeable and came up with a solution.

I went back to the solicitor with confidence. The client was awarded an 80% share (approx. £850,000) and the solicitor referred the client to me as she was now going to need proper financial planning!

Garry Hale, CFP, Dip PFS, Ch. MCSI

Managing Director HK Wealth Managers Ltd

“I’ve been using Truth® now for 15 years and is a vital part of my business. Truth® helps me to provide a unique financial planning service and allows me to provide my clients with proper financial planning advice. It still amazes me more advisers are not using it!”.

Keri Carter, CFP

Practitioner Managing Director

``Having used Truth® for over 15 years, it is still a pleasure when presenting cashflows to new clients. Whilst most prospective clients generally have some idea of how their finances look currently, very few will have considered the longer term picture. Using the cashflow enables meaningful conversations to take place on how they might achieve their goals. In my experience, even the least interested parties engage with the capital chart and look forward to seeing whether they can live the life they want to!``

Phil Stafford CFP

Chartered Wealth Manager, Stafford Wealth Management

“Using Truth® has helped us build a successful business and has truly enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty. Our clients greatly value the structure it provides for annual planning meetings and in particular the cash flow projection module and the peace of mind it gives when life changing decisions are being planned. The helpline support when needed is excellent. Taking on the software was one of the best business decisions we have ever made.”

Nic Carlton-Smith

Owner of Carlton Smith Private Wealth

``We've been using Truth® in our business for many years - it's at the core of our client proposition and helps us create comprehensive financial plans. We have not found another piece of software that offers this level of detail, allowing clients to make educated decisions, providing peace of mind and ownership over their financial planning that they struggle to get elsewhere.

Prestwood are fantastic! If ever we have a problem there is always someone on the end of the phone to help us. They provide regular updates, keeping track of industry changes - their level of technical knowledge is excellent.``

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