Truth® and Truth® Pro’s cash flow modelling tools allow you to show clients a projection of their financial future, helping them to visualise, take stock, and take action. 

You can access our software from almost any internet-enabled device, including iPad, Microsoft Surface, Windows PCs and Macs.

Our comprehensive client-facing, practice management, and back office modules interlink, saving you from doubling-up on data entry.

Animated statements – show your clients how their finances change during their lifetime

Intuitive MS Office-style interface – streamlined and improved, with a touch mode for tablets, phones, and hand held devices.

Customisable dashboards – combine your favourite charts from any statements or scenarios on a single screen, to show your clients a quick snapshot of their financial position.

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Cash Flow Modelling Tools

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cash flow modelling tools income analysis tool
Income Statement

View a detailed list of current and projected inflows with Tax and N.I. calculations.

cash flow modelling tools expenditure analysis tool
Expenditure Statement

View a detailed list of current and projected expenditure.

cash flow modelling tools cashflow statement tool
Cashflow Statement

Show your client their lifelong cashflow projection. Simple and Powerful!

cash flow modelling tools net worth analysis tool
Net Worth Statement

View a detailed list of your client’s assets and liabilities, and project all the values forwards.

cash flow modelling tools defined benefit db pension transfer overlay tool

DB Transfer Tool

Overlay cash flow charts to compare taking CETV with remaining in DB scheme, including death catastrophes to aid APTA

prestwood truth software cashflow tools features pension lifetime allowance lta charging automatically applied

Lifetime Allowance

View historic and projected LTA values and percentages. LTA charges are automatically applied.

cash flow modelling tools pension analysis tool
Pensions Statement

Check pension crystallisations, contributions, annual and lifetime allowances. All brought to life through dynamic charts.

prestwood truth software cashflow modelling tool features sustainable pension income calculator white

Dynamic Sustainable Income Calculator

Automatically calculate a drawdown pension withdrawal strategy to deplete the fund by a selected age, even if assumptions are changed.

cash flow modelling tools rate stepper tool
Capacity For Loss

Simulate a market fall on selected investment types and see the effect on the cashflow.

cash flow modelling tools growth calculator tool
Growth Calculator

Calculate how much more (or less) growth is needed on selected investment types to achieve a desired cashflow position.

prestwood truth software cashflow tools features pension annual allowance calculator

Pension Annual Allowance

Pensionable earnings, adjusted and threshold income. Personal and employer contributions. MPAA, carry forward, max and overfunded contributions all dealt with.

cash flow modelling tools education tool
Education Statement

Show your client the year-by year breakdown of their children’s education expenses

cash flow modelling tools client objectives tool

Objectives Statement

Prioritise and track client objectives in time and money terms. Show them all on a visual timeline.

cash flow modelling tools dashboard tool

Design your own statements and bring charts of your choice together.

cash flow modelling tools spend less tool
Spend Less Calculator

Calculate how much expenditure needs to be reduced by, and the saving invested at, to prevent the cashflow going negative

cash flow modelling tools more inflows tool
More Inflows Calculator

Calculate a lump sum or regular amount of earned, dividend or tax-free income to prevent cashflow going negative.

cash flow modelling tools more expenditure tool
More Expenditure Calculator

Calculate how much more could be spent as a lump sum or regular amount without the cashflow going negative.

cash flow modelling tools key date calculator tool
Key Date Calculator

Calculate the earliest a key date can be without the cashflow going negative.

cash flow modelling tools more protection tool
More Protection Calculator

Calculate an additional lump sum or regular amount required to prevent cashflow going negative in a catastrophe.

cash flow modelling tools overlay chart tool
Overlay Chart

Overlay another scenario to view differences.

prestwood truth software cashflow tools features pension fund warnings

Pension Fund Warnings

Reminders if your withdrawal strategy hasn't exhausted the pension pot to zero

cash flow modelling tools factfind tool
Fact Find Targeter

Calculate what an existing inflow or outflow’s value needs to become in order to achieve a required balance at any age.

cash flow modelling tools business succession tool
Business Analysis

Calculate the required increase in a firm’s gross margin in order to solve the cashflow

cash flow modelling tools stochastic calculator monte carlo

Stochastic Calculator

Calculate the probability of success for an investment strategy.

cash flow modelling tools investment calculator

Investment Calculator

Calculate start/end values, contributions/withdrawals, growth and escalation rates quickly

cash flow modelling tools planning settings tool

Create scenarios, change rates, customise the look and feel of the software to suit you.

cash flow modelling tools fact find tool
Fact Find

A comprehensive, look-up and interactive fact find to model your client’s lifestyle.

prestwood truth software cashflow tools features pension drawdown crystallisation events benefits

Pension Crystallisation Events

Record historic and automatically project future Benefit Crystallisation Events.

cash flow modelling tools estate planning tool
Estate Planning Statement

Show your client what will happen to their estate on death. Who gets what and how much IHT to pay.


We partner with key platforms and providers so you don’t have to update data manually.  This eliminates the possibility of user-error, and means you can rely on figures that are always up-to-date.

Integration with Finametrica allows you to email risk profiling questionnaire and analyse results directly from our software.

We’re constantly working on new partnerships to deliver a better user experience – some of our current partners include:

Our Partners

Our partnerships with a wide range of networks, platforms, and professional associations allow us to offer reduced fees for their members.  This includes ThreeSixty, Simply Biz, Paradigm and SJP.  If you would like more information about our network discounts, please contact us.

You can also benefit from reduced fees for many third party subscriptions, including Finametrica, and Engage Insight Model Office.