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The Government’s new approach to retirement income is like a breath of fresh air but consumers are in danger of being short-changed if their adviser isn’t using cash-flow modelling to plan properly, Paul Etheridge, Chairman of Prestwood Software said.

“For too long, consumers entering retirement have not been able to access their savings how and when they want to and have had to deal with complex issues where a little knowledge has been a dangerous thing.  These factors, coupled with unattractive annuity rates have discouraged saving for retirement.

“The Government’s new approach is common-sense and clients who are guided by advisers using Prestwood software will be able to avoid the pitfalls.

“But the new changes do not mean the rules have become less complex.  It means that now, more than ever, a visual picture of future scenarios is vital for individuals.  Ethical Financial Planners who use cash-flow modelling can immediately enable their clients to look 15, 20 or even 60 years ahead.  If an adviser is not using cash flow modelling I believe their clients are being short-changed – it is an essential tool for this day and age.”

Speaking at Central Hall, Westminster to mark Prestwood’s 30th anniversary, Prestwood Chairman, Paul Etheridge MBE, who founded the company in 1984, unveiled new cloud-based enhancements to its cash flow modelling software ‘Truth’ and ‘Professional’.

“Prestwood can now be accessed via any device which can connect to the internet, including iPads, Macs, iPhones, Androids, tablets and more.  Cloud-based data sharing allows you to work from wherever you wish with your team, paraplanner or PA as though they were in the same room.

“Our competitors are struggling to keep up with Prestwood innovations and service levels and this is a clear reason why many of the UK’s best advisers are Prestwood users.”

Andy Michael, MD at Quiss Technology worked closely with Ritchie Walton, MD of Prestwood, to realise the transition of Prestwood software to a Cloud-based solution commented:

“The switch from on-premise software to a Cloud-based application would traditionally require the complete re-working of the software but we have developed an innovative approach which offers increased flexibility for Prestwood and their clients who will notice no change in the user experience.  Users can access it any time they have an internet connection from any device.  Users can also have the software on a computer or laptop so they can always reach their data even when a connection is unavailable.”





  • Prestwood Software Ltd is part of The Prestwood Group, founded by Paul Etheridge MBE, TD, JP, MBA, FIFP, FCII, CFP, who founded the company in 1984. Prestwood software is developed by Financial Planners for Financial Planners.  The Company exists solely to develop and support top of the range programs for Financial Planners in the UK, and Prestwood® Professional Software is widely recognised as the UK’s leading software in the lifestyle linked sector.


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