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Pension Planning Phase 2

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Underfunded pensions are a terrible reality for our society and getting consumers to face up to it is not easy.  Much of the problem can be the complexity and jargon relating to pensions.  To help planners, Prestwood has been developing a suite of new Pensions Planning tools making life even easier for advisers, bringing live pension planning in to client meetings.

Phase 2 is designed to help clients see and understand the complexity of contributions.  When clients have under-funded their pensions, maximising contributions in the run-up to retirement is often the only way to ensure they can maintain their standard of living when they stop working.  But this solution often creates a lot of headaches: –

  • how much carry-forward is available?
  • has my client triggered the Money Purchase Annual Allowance?
  • can they make a larger contribution through their employer?
  • would they be better off benefiting from tax relief now, and potentially having a Lifetime Allowance charge later on?

Prestwood’s new Pension Contribution calculator, available from 16 July, answers all these questions in a single click, directly from the client’s Cashflow.

Julie Lord, director of Prestwood said: “Just doing cashflow is not good enough anymore.  These comparison tools help to deal with the issue of underfunding pensions and show clients how much even a small increase in contributions can make to their retirement planning.

“Our customers told us they wanted new pension planning tools to do more complex calculations in front of the client at the touch of a button and save considerable time digging around for an answer.  I really believe you need the right tools to do the job properly and just being able to produce a cashflow chart is not enough from the FCA’s perspective.”

Choose which years you’d like to contribute; whether contributions are paid by client or employer, and whether you want to prevent a breach of the projected Lifetime Allowance.  Click ‘Calculate’, and the result will be shown instantly on the client’s Cashflow.

As with all Prestwood Cashflow Tools, planners can overlay the result over the client’s cashflow.  This powerful functionality helps impress on clients the impact of your advice, both now and in retirement.



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