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Integrations throughout entire Prestwood suite ensure clients have Rolls Royce of financial planning tools

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Integrations with key industry partners from platforms to service providers previously only available to Prestwood’s back office clients have been rolled out to its’ front office solution, Truth.

“With the myriad of technologies and systems that Financial Planners use to run their business including investment platforms, client management, portfolio management, risk assessment, remuneration management, submission of business, compiling management information etc, it is important we enable Planners to link seamlessly with different providers so they can perform their role better”, said Ritchie Walton, Managing Director of Prestwood Software.

He continues:  “Rather than rest on our laurels, we aim to remain the leading cash flow modelling partner to the top Financial Planners and Para planners in the country.  Integrations with Transact, Ascentric, Cofunds, FundsNetwork, Nucleus, Raymond James, Parmenion, 7IM and Old Mutual Wealth will ensure clients who have licenses solely for our cash flow modelling software will experience seamless, holistic data integration allowing them to provide high quality, client-centric services.  Access to timely, up to date information about a customer’s investment is an essential part of any financial planning service.”

Paul Etheridge, Founder and Chairman of Prestwood Group, said:

“If consumers today are expected to pay for the best advice the very least they should expect is a Financial Planner with the best tools available and it is important to us that we deliver the Rolls Royce of financial planning tools to our clients.”

The integrations will deliver increased efficiency, replacing manual updates so that client accounts are accurate with up to date valuations, thereby enabling Financial Planners to have more time to build relationships with clients.


Notes To Editors

  1. Prestwood Software Ltd is part of The Prestwood Group of Companies, founded 36 years ago by Paul Etheridge, MBE.

The software is developed by Planners for Planners and the Company exists solely to develop and support top of the range solutions for Financial Planners and Para Planners in the UK.  Prestwood® Professional Software is widely recognised as the UK’s leading software in the lifestyle linked sector.

  1. Prestwood integrates with other back office systems and 3rd parties including IRESS, Intelligent Office, Plum, Synaptic CCD, FE, Interactive Data, FinaMetrica and Watermark Volume.


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