What IS cashflow modelling software anyway?!

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prestwood truth cashflow modelling dos

Curious about Cashflow?

So you’ve heard a lot about it, but just what is cashflow modelling software, anyway?!  If you’ve never used it before, you might be wondering what it is, what it does, and what all the fuss is about.  Most importantly, how can it benefit you and your business?

Allow me to fill you in on the story of Truth® (abridged version)…


Are you sitting comfortably?

Back in 1984, Paul Etheridge (founding member of what was the Institute of Financial Planning, now CISI) was concerned that a lot of financial planning relied on rules of thumb, and guesswork.  He decided to enlist a computer programmer to write him a piece of software that would let him show clients their financial future.  They created the world’s first piece of lifelong Cashflow Modelling software – which we now know as Truth®.

Way back then, our software was written in DOS, so presumably looked something like this:

what is cashflow modelling software dos screenshot

The power of DOS was limitless but I’ll admit that, graphically, it was somewhat lacking!

But that doesn’t detract from the power of Cashflow Modelling.  True, it was just some numbers on-screen, but for the first time clients could get an accurate idea of how the decisions they make today will impact on the lifestyle they’ll be able to maintain for the rest of their lives.


Let’s skip forwards 30 years or so!  Nobody uses DOS anymore, apart from hackers in Hollywood movies.

Bill Gates’ Windows software dominated for about 20 years, before Steve Jobs managed to convert millions to Apple’s shiny range of extortionate products (I’m not judging, I have two iPhones, two Macbooks, and I think Apple may have shares in my soul!).

prestwood truth software release notes spend less resultCashflow Modelling software has come on a long way, and Truth® is still at the forefront of this.

No longer just numbers on a screen – Truth® now lets you literally show clients their financial future, and help them make key life decisions in a matter of minutes.

Whether it’s retiring earlier (or later), spending less (or more), taking more risk (or less), making larger pension contributions…  There’s thousands of ways to “fix” a client’s lifelong cash flow model, and an infinite number of scenarios you can model with Truth®.

So, what is cashflow modelling software?  It’s something that helps make your clients happier, more loyal, and more engaged.  It adds a massive amount to the advice process, and helps you justify the value YOU add for your clients.

To find out more, just give us a call.  If you’re curious about cashflow, you’re more than welcome to try our software on for size!