Remote client meetings

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Over the past few weeks, there’s (understandably) been a lot of interest in remote working.  We’ve had a number of enquiries from our customers about the best way to conduct remote client meetings.

There are a number of excellent screen-sharing tools available.  We’re not advocating any particular tool, but if you don’t already use one here’s three that we use/have used to conduct remote meetings in the past which all work excellently with Truth®.

Zoom Instant Meetings –

We use Zoom for software demonstrations.  It’s very user-friendly and has a “web client” which doesn’t rely on your clients having any software installed.

Zoom have simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up screen-sharing on their website.  They also have a short video showing what your clients will see, so you know how to guide them through the process.

Zoom is free to use for meetings up to 45 minutes.  Paid plans start at £11.99/month*.

Microsoft Teams –

Teams have pretty much replaced Skype as Microsoft’s answer for collaborative working via VoIP (internet calling); video conferencing, and screen sharing.  If you have a Microsoft account or Office365 subscription, this may be the option for you.

It’s easy to share your screen in a Teams meeting – Microsoft has some straightforward instructions on their website.  Your client doesn’t need to have Teams set up, they can join meetings as a guest.

If you have an Office365 subscription you’re already paying for Teams*.

Google Hangouts –

If you have a Google account this could be a good option for you.  You may have a Google account without knowing it!  If you have an Android phone, this will be the account you log in to e.g. the Google Play Store with.  If you have a @Gmail or @Googlemail email account, it’s just your email address.  If you use GSuite for business, you’ll have Hangouts as part of your account.

Joining a hangout couldn’t be easier – just go to the web address above.  There are instructions on setting up screen sharing in the Hangouts forums.

If you have a GSuite subscription you’re already paying for Hangouts*.  If you have a Google account it’s free, but there are limitations to the free version.  These are primarily the number of users who can be involved in a Hangout, so may not be an issue for you.

*all prices/info correct at time of publication (11/03/2020)